Day reporting reduced administrative caseload duties for POs

Ebensburg (Cambria County)


Cambria County, Pa., located in western Pennsylvania, is home to approximately 143,000 individuals across more than 600 square miles. In 2012, Cambria County officials developed an innovative reentry service center program in Ebensburg designed to meet the county’s needs and provide an effective alternative to detention.


The center opened in May 2012 and is capable of handling up to 150 reentrants at one time. Clients include probationers, parolees and direct-sentence individuals. The center treats reentrants through a variety of evidence-based programs, cognitive behavioral treatment designed to change criminal behavior, and community partnerships. Probationers go to the center for treatment and training proven to reduce recidivism, and progress is performance-based. Individuals are closely monitored with daily check-ins, drug and alcohol testing, and case management. Classes include GED preparatory courses, life-skills classes, cognitive behavioral treatment, employment readiness, and drug and alcohol treatment. The program is modeled after other successful programs operated by GEO Reentry in Franklin and Luzerne counties.


Since opening in May 2012, the center has saved the county more than 19,200 “incarcerated days.” At less than half the cost of the $55/day cost to house an inmate, the program helps reduce costs and to alleviate a significant jail overcrowding problem. The program has also reduced administrative caseload duties, allowing probation officers to focus on ensuring reentrant compliance, conducting field supervision, making home visits and tending court-related matters. The center has generated positive press in the community, and local officials have praised its effectiveness.

Ebensburg (Cambria County)