Lancaster County Reentry Service Center hosts graduation event on Nov. 19

LANCASTER, Penn. — GEO Reentry Services will host a transition celebration for 31 program participants who are graduating from the Lancaster County Reentry Service Center on Tuesday, Nov. 19, at noon to 2 p.m. at the RSC, located at 439 E. King Street. These events are major milestones for reentrants who have completed the day reporting, workforce development and cognitive behavioral treatment programs.

The media is invited to attend either event and hear from participants and family members on how this program impacted their lives.

Staff, graduates, family members and community corrections officials will attend the event. During the ceremony, graduates will be invited to share their experiences in the program. For program graduates, the celebration follows months of regular reporting to the reentry center.

The RSC, opened in 2014, is one of several reentry centers opened throughout Pennsylvania as part of a state initiative to reduce recidivism, lower incarceration costs and enhance public safety. The service center offers day reporting, cognitive behavioral therapy and employment-readiness training services. GEO Reentry Services offers evidence-based programming designed to rehabilitate returning citizens and successfully prepare them for life after prison, while maintaining public safety.

GEO Reentry’s intensive approach helps reduce recidivism when compared to traditional reentry programs; targets employment or full-time school enrollment upon program completion; generates significant savings for taxpayers through lower incarceration costs; and alters reentrants’ attitudes and behavior through treatment and training. The center is open five days a week.

For more information about these events or the RSC, contact Kimberly Reichenbach at (717) 391-8202.

Lancaster County Reentry Service Center hosts graduation event on Nov. 19