Evidence-based treatment to reduce recidivism

In-Prison Treatment

GEO Reentry Services partners with correctional agencies to bring valuable reentry programming to individuals while they are still in prison, providing evidence-based treatment and training services to prepare them for their eventual release. Candidates for the program are carefully selected by agencies for the in-prison treatment program, and GEO Reentry staff conduct a risk/needs assessment so that every reentrant undergoes treatment and training tailored to their needs.

GEO Reentry’s in-prison treatment programs start the reentry process at a crucial time so reentrants are prepared for their post-release transition. Reentrants chosen for the program work closely with case managers who help them progress and hold them accountable for their behavior. Correctional agencies can also leverage successful time spent within in-prison treatment and training for early release.

Program elements:

  • Motivational Interviewing. A cognitive-behavioral strategy initially developed to work with substance abusers, this communication style avoids confrontation and arguing, instead using open-ended questions, affirmations and reflective listening.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Treatment. Meetings with case managers to discuss violations and status, update the individual’s treatment plan if necessary, and learn cognitive behavioral skills in the form of short, practical exercises to make positive change.
  • Substance Abuse Counseling. Addiction can play a large in role in whether reentrants successfully reenter their communities. GEO Reentry staff work with individuals in the program to overcome their substance abuse issues through group sessions and counseling.