Evidence-based treatment to reduce recidivism

Pretrial Defendant Program

Because two-thirds of jail beds are filled with pretrial defendants, GEO Reentry Services now offers a program to release defendants to community supervision and behavior change programming, an approach that reduces costly jail crowding, provides early treatment intervention, and offers the judiciary an additional sentencing option. Building off our expertise in community-based reentry services, these outpatient and residential programs are for moderate- to high-risk pretrial defendants.

Program elements:


  • Early intervention. Program participants can begin a treatment process that can reduce criminal risk levels. When participants are referred to one of our pretrial programs, they are assessed for criminogenic risk and needs factors. Participants move through several phases. At each phase, risk levels for recidivating drop.
  • Accountability. Our programs are rooted in evidence-based practices, which include positive reinforcement coupled with consistent, timely, and appropriate use of sanctions for non-compliance. Staff are trained and certified in Motivational Interviewing techniques. Participants are held accountable for their actions and progress.
  • Group Classes. Groups include employment readiness, cognitive behavioral therapy, life skills training, and anger management.
  • Case Management. Case managers work closely with individuals to help them move forward in the program, holding them accountable for their behavior, overseeing treatment and training, and connecting them with valuable local resources that will stabilize their lives.