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About GEO Reentry Services

GEO Reentry Services

GEO Reentry Services is the nation’s leader in reentry services and has provided programming and services in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania since 1992 with in-prison treatment and residential reentry centers. GEO Reentry opened non-residential reentry service centers in 2006 and further expanded in December 2013 after being selected by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections to open parolee reentry centers throughout the commonwealth for persons under the supervision of the DOC Bureau of Community Corrections. GEO Reentry has established a reputation for operating and managing reentry centers with services and programs that directly address criminogenic needs and are individually tailored for each reentrant with measurable outcomes, successful community, and recidivism reduction.

Through the use of flexible and progressive program phases, GEO Reentry provides an appropriate blend of case management, supervision services, and cognitive-behavioral treatment. Our philosophy is to treat reentrants with respect and dignity while modeling positive social behaviors so reentrants master the skills they need to maintain a crime-free life in the community.