Reentry Programs for Community Corrections

For decades, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has focused on sponsoring reentry programs that turn lives around. GEO Reentry Services offers evidence-based programming on behalf of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and community corrections agencies that helps participants break the cycle of repeat criminal behavior.

Reentry Service Centers for Non-Residential Programming

GEO Reentry’s non-residential reentry service centers help promote community reintegration, from participants’ intake and assessment, to intensive monitoring during the program, to finally, aftercare services. Participants undergo multi-phase evidence-based programming that includes a treatment plan to address individual criminogenic risk and needs; access to community resources for employment, education, housing and more; case management and counseling; and classes that encourage them to confront their beliefs and practice pro-social decision-making.

Residential Reentry Centers for Temporary Housing and Support

Through wide-ranging and complementary services including temporary housing, monitoring and transitional services, GEO Reentry works to support correctional agencies looking to provide participants with an effective, secure, and structured transition to community life and return responsible, productive men and women to their families and communities. Our residential programs, accredited by the American Correctional Association, are safe and secure and feature closed-circuit security cameras, an electronic sign in/out system, 24-hour custodial care and ongoing drug and alcohol testing.

In-Custody Treatment Programs to Prepare for Post-Release

GEO Reentry supports Pennsylvania officials to deliver in-custody treatment that helps prepare participants for their post-release transition. Applying the state’s Substance Use Treatment Model, PASAT, GEO Reentry provides evidence-based programming that includes motivational enhancement, cognitive behavioral therapy, and social learning theory. The overall goal of these services is to reduce substance use disorders, criminal behavior, anti-social attitudes, and recidivism among program participants. The treatment also helps prepare individuals for continued services in the community upon release. These individual and group treatment services address criminogenic risks and needs, and treatment is adjusted by placement, dosage and duration by ongoing screening and assessment.

Pretrial Defendant Programs for Moderate- to High-Risk Defendants

Because two-thirds of jail beds nationally are filled with pretrial defendants, GEO Reentry Services offers a program to release them to community supervision that also provides the judiciary with an additional sentencing option. These evidence-based outpatient and residential programs offer early intervention treatment for moderate- to high-risk pretrial defendants. Participants attend group classes on employment readiness, Cognitive Behavioral Treatment and anger management, and work with case managers who employ accountability mechanisms that offer positive reinforcement for good behavior and sanctions for non-compliance.