Services as a Foundation for Reentry

GEO Reentry Services in Pennsylvania works with corrections agencies to develop recidivism reduction programs that help strengthen communities by offering a range of essential services to program participants.

Our Services

Individual Cognitive Behavioral Treatment: Participants attend individual meetings with case managers to discuss violations and status, update their treatment plan if necessary and learn cognitive behavioral skills in the form of short, practical exercises.

Group Cognitive Behavioral Treatment: These CBT group sessions incorporate the same principles of the individual meetings but are designed to take advantage of peer support and experiences in a group setting.

Motivational Interviewing: A cognitive-behavioral strategy initially developed to work with substance users, this communication style avoids confrontation and arguing, instead using open-ended questions, affirmations and reflective listening.

Moral Reconation Therapy®: This systematic form of cognitive behavioral treatment features curricula and interpersonal exercises designed to increase moral reasoning, adjust antisocial thought processes, and teach decision-making skills.

On-site Cognitive Behavior Lab: The lab provides a resource for participants to complete on-site homework activities and find resources to aid in their progress, including GED preparation. Individuals can receive additional staff or peer support while working in the lab.

Reentrant Workforce Development: Our Workforce Development programs assist the individual in gaining employment in the community and planning for a career. Individuals receive the support of an education and employment coordinator to create an Employment Plan.

Employment Readiness Training: Our employment training programs help individuals understand the process of planning for a career, including identifying aptitudes and interests, and develop strategies for finding and retaining work that will help them stabilize in the community.

Vocational and Educational Services: GEO Reentry offers access to vocational training and career technical education programs that teach marketable employment skills, including skills needed for specific jobs and industries.

Community Connections: This service connects participants with pro-social associates and resources. Specialists from the community regularly visit GEO Reentry programs and share information about food and housing, health services, education, employment, proper identification, legal support, family classes, wellness, substance use and more.

Transition Celebrations: Several times annually, our programs organize “graduations” that bring together program participants, family, and others to mark a major milestone: program completion.

Life Skills: These sessions cover topics relevant to many program participants, including anger management and substance use issues. Participants learn strategies for dealing with others, methods of de-escalation and more.

Substance Use Counseling: GEO Reentry staff work with individuals in the program to overcome their substance use issues through group sessions and counseling.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services: Our substance use treatment starts with the development of an individualized treatment plan, followed by the participant’s immersion in a cognitive behavioral curriculum designed to promote life balance, teach anger management, explore motivation for change and encourage the foundations of interpersonal relationships.

Relapse Prevention and Aftercare: Participants learn to identify early warning signs and learn how to utilize pro-social decision-making to lower the risk of relapse. Case managers work with individuals throughout the aftercare process to maintain accountability in recovery.