Re-entry website is one more addition to rehab toolbox

When people break the law and are convicted of crimes, they are punished. That’s as it should be.

The best possible outcome following that is that the offender serves their time and becomes rehabilitated during their penal phase to the point where they are worthy of a second chance.

That, too, is as it should be.

The next part of the path is difficult. They need someone to give them that second chance in the form of an employment opportunity.

There is hesitancy among many employers not to hire people with criminal records. That is a natural human tendency, but it can be overcome.

The obstacle becomes even greater when former inmates do not understand how to be a solid job applicant or do not know how to execute the process of job application.

The GEO Group, which manages Lycoming County’s reentry program, has taken a step to make that obstacle less daunting.

The firm has expanded its online services into Lycoming County, connecting re-entrants to job searching tools and assets, such as interview tips, resume and cover letter examples. The website also includes information on high school diploma testing and vocational training programs.

The website includes success stories, geared to motivating reentrants, and works to connect ex-convicts with local resources in their community.

This is an excellent addition to the reentry toolbox.

As much as it is helpful to the former offenders, it is just as helpful to the community.

Every time a person is rehabilitated and is able to re-enter our community as a productive, working member, our community is made safer and our penal system has a burden removed.

Everybody wins.